Forget What They Say, XXX Websites aren’t Bad for You

When I was a kid, there was a common saying that if you jerk off a lot, you will grow hair on your palm or you would go blind. Talk about bullshit. We used to make fun of kids who wore glasses because we thought that they jerked off a lot. Thankfully, American society has progressed by leaps and bounds since those bullshit years. Unfortunately, in our day and age, there are still fucked up stereotypes regarding XXX websites.

Make no mistake about it, these websites aren’t bad for you. In fact, sex is part of what makes you human. Just as you need to piss, shit, eat and drink, you also need to fuck. Sex drive is a key part of human psychology and physiology. I know there are many clergy and traditional people and conservative people that would make you want to think otherwise, but this is the reality. If you’re cool with this aspect of yourself, then you can get a tremendous amount of value from

The key here is to look for performance value. A lot of guys get all excited when they visit these websites. Whether they joined free websites or paid websites, it doesn’t really matter. These guys get all excited about the fact that this chick takes off her clothes and starts sucking dick and fucking. They get all excited about that. However, by the time they get around to watching their 10,000th video of a different chick doing pretty much the same thing, they are looking for something better.

I don’t want you to get jaded. I don’t want you to get cynical that’s why I’m telling you right now, focus on performance. Most guys know how to play basketball, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that all those guys are NBA stars. There’s a big difference between a LeBron James and a guy who lives down your block who plays basketball every once in a while.

You should apply the same critical analysis to porn. If you’re watching XXX entertainment, look for performance value. We’re talking about a high degree of enthusiasm, high stamina, and different positions. If you’re able to look at porn from this perspective, you increase the value that you get from this type of entertainment.

How to Fuck a Cougar and Get Her to Remember You

Let’s get one thing clear here. It’s actually very easy to fuck a cougar. Thanks to a huge amount of dating apps and dating websites out there catering to cougars. It’s easy to hook up. The problem is getting her to remember you enough for her to call you. These are two totally different things.

Younger guys screw this up all the time. They’re so excited about the possibility of getting laid that they lose sight of the fact that getting laid is the first part of the problem. In fact, it’s the easiest part of their problem. Make no mistake about it, even if you look like Quasimodo or the Hunchback of Notre Dame, you will get laid. Thanks to the internet. It’s only a matter of time.

The problem is getting that woman to call you back or more importantly, refer her friends to suck your dick and fuck you. That’s right, women do this all the time if you’re the right kind of guy. The problem is if you don’t know how to fuck a cougar in a way that is memorable to her, you are only setting yourself up for failure.

By failure, I’m not talking about getting laid. Like I said, people can get laid. The problem is there is a huge amount of time that will pass between those times. The definition of success, when it comes to online dating, is getting laid regularly. I’m talking about all day, every day, 24/7 if you want.

This is not the stuff of fiction. This is not the stuff of fantasies. This happens to guys all the time and guess what, they’re not good looking. They don’t look like Leonardo DiCaprio, not by a long shot. What did they have in common is that they turned their sexual experiences into memorable ones.

If you are serious about learning how to fuck a cougar who likes anal and get her to remember you, pay attention to this tip. There’s only one tip involved. Respect her. If you’re able to wrap your mind completely around that tip, you will be very successful.